We are making a plea to all fashionistas across the Country to help us spread the word by encouraging friends, family and fellow fashionistas to clean out their closets and donate clothes (including husband's and children's) to help support a local charitable organization that relies on clothing donations for part of their funding. It's a great excuse for a wardrobe makeover and a chance to really help those in need!

You can search for local charities here, or we invite you to visit Keely's Project Keely's Project asks you to get involved by donating items you no longer need to charity and to some great causes. If you know of a great local charity which supports victims of domestic abuse, homeless, children and families in need, etc., please let us know by emailing us at Help us bring fashion and compassion to your community!

Get Social!

Please help us spread the word. Style Cabana reaches thousands of people daily, but we need your help spreading the message throughout the social media world. Please post, tweet, shout, text, dance or whatever you can do to let people know about Style Cabana's "Cabana Cares" program and our effort to get fashionistas all over the Country to donate their duds to charity. We can't do it without you!


Note: We are adding local charities on a daily basis. If you would like us to contact a local charity in your area, please email us with the name of the charity and a contact number or email address. Or have the charity contact us at We'll provide information on how you can schedule a pick up or drop off for charities that we list here. We do not have information regarding tax deductions, so please remember to ask the charity you are donating to for tax deduction instructions. Just click one of the links below for your state to get a list of charities that you can donate to.



*Style Cabana is not a charity and we are not affiliated with any of the organizations listed here. We have done our best to contact each charity that we have listed to verify that each is a legitimate charitable organization. However, we cannot make any guarantees as to a particular charity's services or charitable practices. We do ask that you contact the charity you plan to donate to if you have any concerns or questions. Many of the charities do have pick-up available and others have drop off locations. It's always a good idea to grab a friend or family member to go with you if you plan to do a drop off and are not familiar with the neighborhood.