The Children's Place in East Wenatchee, Washington - 98802

511 Valley Mall Parkway East Wenatchee, Washington 98802


Phone Number: 509-886-5058

The Children’s Place – What more could you ask for in kid’s clothing than durability, adorability and affordability? Look no further than The Children’s Place, which has all of the above covered down pat. The store offers a kaleidoscopic array of tops, bottoms, swimwear, shoes and accessories for boys and girls between the ages of zero and 14.

Located in malls throughout the country, The Children’s Place features a bright, colorful atmosphere that makes shopping a pleasure for both parents and kids alike. Brimming with coordinating separates in vivid, kid-appropriate colors, The Children’s Place is a staple in the children’s apparel industry. The Children’s Place operates over 1,000 store locations across North America.